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De-Fi Based Argon.

Argon provides decentralized staking pools with other projects on Binance Smart Chain. Argon staking protocol and platform combines staking and DeFi. Thanks to our staking protocol we can encourage the investors to using Argon.
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Why stake with Argon?

Argon staking solution provides the best user experience and highest level of safety, combined with an attractive reward mechanism and unique incentives.

Penalty Model

Thanks to the penalty mechanism in the Argon staking protocol, we can encourage investors to staking and farming.

Paired Pools

Thanks to paired pools, you can benefit from the prize pool of other projects we partner with by depositing ARGON.


You can support ARGON-BNB liquidity through Pancake Swap and earn ARGON with the CAKE-LP tokens you receive in return.


Keep your funds under your own custody, to always remain in full control of your assets. All smart contracts audited by Hacken.
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What is Metamask

MetaMask is a wallet that runs on your browser and allows you to trade on the Ethereum blockchain. You can easily use MeteMask on different browsers such as Firefox, Opera, Chrome and Brave...

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New - Defi Based Argon

We are glad to announce our new Staking & Farming model will be available on defi.argon.run from July 9. It has major updates that will allow you to perform Staking & Farming seamlessly on our platform.

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What Is BSC?

Binance Smart Chain (BSC) is best described as a blockchain that runs in parallel to the Binance Chain. Unlike Binance Chain, BSC boasts smart contract functionality and compatibility with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM)...

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How to Use Metamask With BSC ?

MetaMask can be downloaded on Chrome and Firefox, or on iOS and Android if you’re a mobile user. For the purposes of this tutorial, we’ll use the Firefox version, but the instructions will be more or less the same for every platform...

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What Is Dapp ?

DApp, short for decentralized applications, is similar to any software application; however, it works on blockchain or P2P (peer-to-peer) networks rather than a central server...

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How To Create An Account on Argon

First of all, you must be using a Metamask wallet or Trust wallet. If you are using metamask, you need to configure your wallet for Binance Smart Chain...

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Argon?
Argon is a completely decentralized freelancer platform on Binance Chain infrastructure.
What is ArgonCharity?
ArgonChartiy is an association of helpful people in the ArgonCommunity. With a certain amount of funds from ArgonToken sales, we help people and communities in need. We will soon launch a blockchain-based charity platform.
What is Approver?
When you unsatisfied with the quality of the work, you write a rejection statement and send it to Approver. The Apps takes action according to the response from Approver. For example: If the Approver job approves, the money is transferred and the job is successful. If Approver rejects the job, no money transfer will take place, your money will be returned to you and the job will be canceled. At the same time, Approvers earn ArgonToken per job based on certain algorithms.
How Can I Join the ArgonCharity Community?
You can apply for ArgonCharity by filling out the Google form on the link: https://forms.gle/RDUbik3LjkpSv2sT6
What Makes Argon Different From Other Platforms?
Argon works using smart contracts and completely decentralized. And one of its biggest features is that, unlike all other platforms, it does not charge any commissions. Other Platforms charge a commission of up to 40%. We have brought a solution to one of the biggest problems faced by freelancers, payment problem.
Can I Transfer Tokens on the Ethereum Network?
No. You can only make your transfer on the Binance Chain network.