Worlds First blockchain-based Freelancer Platform

Worlds first blockchain-based freelancer platform on the Binance Smart Chain network, working with smart contracts and fully decentralized.
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Find Freelancer

Post a job, get offers, and get your dream project done.

Be An Approver

Help us verify a job and earn ArgonToken per job.

Payment Protected With ArgonShield

The fee you paid will be sent to smart contract and stored in the contract until you accept the job.

Zero Commission

We charge Zero Commission. You will only pay the network fee.


If freelancer missed the project deadline, the payment will automatically credited to your wallet from smart contract.

Earn ArgonToken.

Be an Approver, Help us verify a job and earn ArgonToken per job.

A new shopping experience

Increase your shopping and remote service experience with Argon Freelancer, which works completely decentralized in the Binance Chain network.

Work Globally

With ArgonFreelancer, you can get hired or hire from anywhere in the world

Transparent and Secure

All datas, Jobs, Studies, every detail that comes to mind is secured with smart contracts. This way, you can verify the authenticity of the data.

Highly Profitable

Verify / reject jobs assigned to you by the Apps as Approver and Earn ArgonToken per job.

Creating work in Argon


Create an account with your wallet

Go to the registration page. Connect with the wallet you want to use. Fill in the required information and confirm the transaction.


Go to your account page.

Go to your account page. Click Create an ad. Enter your listing details. Confirm transactions and confirm from your wallet.


Check the posting.

Go to the My Ads section and see the details of your ad.


View and approve offers

Go to the Incoming offers tab. Compare all offers. And approve your chosen freelancer.

Do you want to earn money with your skills?

Are you tired of paying commissions on other freelancer platforms, are you not getting your money or the platform you are using does not allow you to withdraw money at the weekend or you cannot trust your customer? We solve all of these problems.
Use Argon, Use Crypto and Use Binance

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Track all application movements on DappRadar.

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New - Defi Based Argon

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Argon?
Argon is a completely decentralized freelancer platform on Binance Chain infrastructure.
What is ArgonCharity?
ArgonChartiy is an association of helpful people in the ArgonCommunity. With a certain amount of funds from ArgonToken sales, we help people and communities in need. We will soon launch a blockchain-based charity platform.
What is Approver?
When you unsatisfied with the quality of the work, you write a rejection statement and send it to Approver. The Apps takes action according to the response from Approver. For example: If the Approver job approves, the money is transferred and the job is successful. If Approver rejects the job, no money transfer will take place, your money will be returned to you and the job will be canceled. At the same time, Approvers earn ArgonToken per job based on certain algorithms.
How Can I Join the ArgonCharity Community?
You can apply for ArgonCharity by filling out the Google form on the link:
What Makes Argon Different From Other Platforms?
Argon works using smart contracts and completely decentralized. And one of its biggest features is that, unlike all other platforms, it does not charge any commissions. Other Platforms charge a commission of up to 40%. We have brought a solution to one of the biggest problems faced by freelancers, payment problem.
Can I Transfer Tokens on the Ethereum Network?
No. You can only make your transfer on the Binance Chain network.